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Newkirk’s Notes

Hello From Las Vegas! – Well, into everyone’s life, some earthquakes may fall. OK, that makes no sense. However, we have earthquakes and “earthquakes” to discuss this week. Unfortunately, we’re running late because our main site (not our members site) got hacked. You are safe. Your data is safe. Some of you were flagged with a warning on the members site none-the-less. We’ll explain.

We got hit by a real earthquake. I’ll have some details and tips just in case you are unlucky enough to be here for one you can feel. And… the biggest business earthquake was the merger of Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment. Normally, we don’t concentrate heavily on the business side. But, this is going to affect both those of you who are Caesars Rewards customers, as well as those of you who visit and play elsewhere!

So, We Got Hacked – Our main site AccessVegas.com got hacked. A former contractor, who had great reviews and ratings, either hacked us. Or, his email got hacked for a brief enough time to allow someone to find the info to get inside of our site. Either way, it happened.

They placed a “phishing” page to try to spam people into going to, faking that it was Paypal. Google, Paypal, Wordfence and other triggers let us know what was going on.

I want to emphasize that this happened to www.AccessVegas.com and not Members.AccessVegas.com. They share a name, but are two very separate sites, not joined in any way. For example, you can have an apartment complex called Shady Hills apartments. However, each building in the complex is very separate (despite sharing a root name).

All is fine and fixed. To be “better safe than sorry”, we still went ahead and paid for a very thorough “going over” of the membership site. Just to make sure that not only is all well, but we’re doing all we can moving forward. This was no different that unfortunately having someone working on your home do something malicious. It can happen.

For what it is worth, as an added layer of security, we use a major credit card processing company called Stripe to process most payments. (Those still paying by other means are processed through those means). If someone walked in here with a gun to my head, I couldn’t begin to give them your home address, your credit card number, or any of that stuff. We can reset your password and fix it if you are having login issues. But, we don’t even have nor keep the rest of that stuff on our system! Thanks for understanding.

We ARE In Earthquake Country – The big quake in Ridgecrest was absolutely felt here. Both the two big strikes, and aftershocks. I got used to feeling slight vibrations under my feet when I was standing up for the next couple of days!

A lady up in the Stratosphere Tower said that it was swaying enough that she got tossed into a wall. And, that they had to exit down the stairs (over 100 stories) from the top. However, by the time they got to the midpoint, there was a landing and the ability to get on the elevator. For those who wanted to…

The good news is that while Las Vegas sits on a number of small faults (I live just two blocks from one of them, and use to actually live right on top of it), the odds of us getting the “big one” like California and Alaska do is very slim. The biggest possibility of death or injury isn’t that the building you are in will collapse. It is that whether you are indoors or outside, something will fall on you. Me? I brace in a doorway, although they also say a corner with nothing over you is great.

So, if the earth starts quaking while you are here, let what is around or over you that could fall be your biggest concern! Other than that, we don’t have the soft earth that San Francisco has. And, even older tall buildings have withstood quakes in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. Will you hear your hotel creak in one? Probably. Will it fall over? Highly unlikely.

To put it in perspective, heavy winds have made my house creak more than the biggest Ridgecrest waves did. And, those I know who live high-rise in our area have said that the wind storms can make their buildings creak and groan quite a bit.

Oh, and don’t worry about the Hoover Dam. Because they didn’t have today’s technology to help plan it, and because they wanted to error on the side of caution, Hoover Dam is built somewhere around three times as strong as it needed to be. It isn’t going anywhere.

What Caesars Eldorado Merger Means To You – Caesars Entertainment got swallowed up by Eldorado Resorts, a Reno-based gaming company with well over 20 properties across the U.S. None in Las Vegas, and the only close one being The Tropicana in Laughlin. (They do not own the Las Vegas Tropicana. Pay attention here!).

What is good? 1. They are a gambling company. They run gambling properties. Las Vegas took a double-hit a number of years ago when MGM Resorts (not remotely understanding gamblers) thought that they could make more money by raising limits, tightening slots, and introducing table rules like reduced payouts for blackjacks. Caesars, being a gambling company but needing the money (remember their little bankruptcy situation), did much of the same.

Disclaimer: I note the above based on both what I’ve heard from informed colleagues and anecdotal evidence. All of it is my opinion based on observation and feedback from both visitors and the industry people.

The problem? If people lose more often and more quickly, they tend not to want to gamble as much. If you’ve tanked $100 and it just got sucked out of your wallet, you feel like doing something else for a while. Why bother? However, if the machine or table rules were good and you had a nice long run with some winning and losing streaks and it took quite a while (providing you quite a bit of entertainment) to lose your $100, you are far more likely to pull another $100 out to keep your ride going and hope you hit another upswing that gets you your money back!

Perhaps this new ownership will move Caesars Entertainment back in that direction.

Oh, and… they are based in Reno. Which is a great way to get out of the Las Vegas group-think of “If MGM is doing it, we should be doing it”. We’re already seeing cracks in that philosophy as some (many) feel that MGM Resorts long-term plans might not come up all aces.

2. They are going to sell off The Rio and perhaps 2-3 other resorts they own. They already have suitors (if the price is right). Including Phil Ruffin (owns Treasure Island, home of free parking and sometimes waived resort fees), and Tillman Fertitta (owns Golden Nugget downtown and other gaming properties in the U.S.). I also conjecture that Boyd gaming would like to be on The Strip again after their massive mistake of blowing up The Stardust. I still miss The Stardust!

We also can’t rule out an independent buyer who wants to make a splash. This can go very well (Derek Stevens, Golden Gate, The D, and Circa) or not so hot (Sam Nazarian, SLSahara).

The positive, more owners mean more competition. Look at downtown Las Vegas. The gambling is better and the slots are looser simply because they know that you can shop around. If I count correctly, you have seven different owners (or ownership groups). This is especially great if the owners are wealthy and independent and can plan for the long term gambling customer retention instead of “Ooops, last quarter was down, where can we wring out more short term profits, gamblers and customers be damned”.

Competition is a good thing when it comes to casinos.

3. OK… one possible negative: While some may be going “This is great, because now I have both the former Caesars and Eldorado properties in my region (or other areas I vacation) to earn points and comps at that I can use in Las Vegas!” Well, yes you do. However, if they dump 3 properties, you now what around 10,000 less rooms per night available for them to comp you with. And, all of the Eldorado players are wanting those Vegas rooms now as well.

Eldorado pretty much came right out and said that they intend to reduce what is being spent on comps. However, before they get on their high horse about that one, no one is above the law of supply and demand. When visitation is soft, you are looking at many thousands of new rooms with Resorts World, Circa and (eventually) Fountainblue/Drew, guess what happens when you can’t sell all of your rooms? Comp offers ARE increased.

This merger is months away from taking place. For now, it is business as usual. As you Caesars players have already been notified.

This will be fun to watch, and as usual, we’ll work to always keep you one step ahead of the game.

For those new to the classroom, we’ll be back to our “normal programming” (Las Vegas info and tips to keep you well ahead of the curve for your next trip.

Hope you are enjoying this issue!


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